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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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unconscious swimmer . many reporters were told that he will not receive any special treatment. the sheriff laurie smith says she is not happy with the situation. we are awaiting brock turner's release. janine has been talking with reporters and people who came along way to be there to protest. >> reporter: that is correct. there are protesters here but the majority of people here are the media. there are about 70 to 80 members of the media here. in the last 5 minutes, deputies also came out. it seems like something is going to happen soon. brock turner could be released at any minute. we are staying close to this window that you see over here because that is where he is going to get processed. a little bit ago we did see a number of deputies there. they looked like they had a riot helmets with them with
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face shields and it seemed like a lot more activity. we are being told by the sheriff that brock turner will not receive any special treatment once he leaves here at the main jail. we are told it is supposed to happen anytime now this morning. sheriff's officials say that releases are done during the daylight hours to ensure safety. that's why they have a lot of safety measures in place including barricades and all of the added patrol officers. we are not sure if the family will be here to pick him up, but it's likely he will be whisked away quickly, perhaps in a waiting car -- into a waiting car. we are going to have to see. another thing he will be facing his protesters. we spoke to them in the last hour. here is what they have to say. >> it's very frustrating. it just doesn't seem -- i don't understand how they can justify this. it doesn't make sense to me how he could do that to someone who was unconscious and go behind buyers -- behind bars for three
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months. >> he absolutely got away with rape which is worse than getting away with murder. there's no doubt in my mind that he will do it again. >> reporter: turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious swimmer behind the dumpster at stanford. judge aaron persky sentenced him to six-month in jail boutique is only serving three months it due to good behavior. that has set off a firestorm with people -- six months in jail but he has only served three months due to good behavior. that has set off a firestorm with people. he will have to register as a sex offender when he returns to his home in ohio. everyone is waiting and watching to see what moment turner is going to come out. it seems like something is going to happen soon. we have been keeping our eyes glued to the window inside the jail just to see if he is going
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to reappear. as soon as he does, we will definitely have that for you. we will see if he is going to answer any of our questions that we are going to have as he walks out. back to you. >> thank you janine. a quick question, we sought sharon smith come out and talk to you and us earlier. do we know if she is going to be walking out with the deputies with brock turner? a do you have any indication on that? >> we didn't get any indication. she had just come out. one question i asked her was, have you seen brock turner this morning. she said she had not seen him. that was about one hour ago. it seems like he might be escorted down by the deputies. it is hard to tell. they may be just standing there to make sure nothing gets out of hand. >> we are hearing right now that the deputies are going to come out in about 2 minutes from now. we're getting the word that they are coming out at 6:05. you haven't seen him come in however.
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we understand he still has to be processed, fingerprint before he walks out the door. is that right? >> he does. along with that he is going to be given his belongings that he had to check in when he first came into the main jail. he will also receive the letters that he received, some hate mail that he received while he was staying here at the main jail. who knows if he will hang onto those were just throw them away saying keep them. he will be getting those. i'm not sure if that's going to be a surprise to him. one can only imagine what he is going to face once he comes out and back into civilization, as well as back in ohio. we understand he's going to face protesters in ohio. everyone knows the name of brock turner right now because of this high profile case that he is involved in. >> it's interesting because
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fishing kaepernick -- colin kaepernick -- covering that story, there's going to be a lot of people released from jail. they are going to be caught in this frenzy of activity. >> reporter: absolutely! there are even some passerby's it weren't planning on staying here but because they are seeing all of the media here and because they have heard of brock turner, they are saying, i am going to stay. that is why the crowd keeps growing and growing. all sorts of media is here, cnn, national network shows such as "good morning america", the today show as well as all kinds of local national media. we have been told by the public information officer here that they have been getting phone calls and all sorts of inquiries over the last few days. they had been hammered with requests from the media wanting to get information about brock
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turner in the release and how every things going to go. >>he could be marched out in front of the media any moment now. we're watching the clock and we know you are watching the door. can you tell us about where the protesters are physically? >> reporter: just so you know right now, obviously we are in front of the main jail. this is where we are but one building over is the hall of justice where the protest is going to be. the protesters are mixed in the crowd right now. there aren't too many of them. i can see a few of them in front of me. they said that they want to be here and they want to look brock turner in the eye. they said they won't say anything. we will have to see. they are hoping there is going to be some kind of glimmer of remorse in his eyes. they felt like they needed to be here to see him be released.
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they are very frustrated with the sentence that he received, three months -- six months that has now been reduced to 3 months because of good behavior and the jail overcrowding situation. >>janine, i know you are keeping an ims and you have that window you are watching. -- you are keeping an i on this and you have that window you are watching. let us know as soon as anything happens. now we want to take you to jesse gary who is also out there. are there any signs of someone who is going to pick up brock turner? >> reporter: a vehicle just pulled out out in front of the main jail which is behind the camera position that you are looking at. you are looking at a shot of the stairs of brock turner will walk out. he's going to walk out the main door and then come down the steps. there's a white suv that looks like a ford. i can't tell if it has mental plates or out-of- state plates. it is pulled out in front of
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the main steps and we're told that brock turner will be leaving momentarily. areas. areas. there is brock turner. >> rock, [ overlapping speakers ] -- brock turner. [ overlapping speakers ] do you apologize? [ overlapping speakers ] [ shouting ] >> reporter: and there you go. druck -- brock turner just walk down the steps and got into this white suv and drove off. there were a couple of people that yelled some things at him as he got into the suv but he is now headed off toward -- the airport would be the opposite direction. i didn't see the exact direction that the suv when in. he has headed off back to ohio. >> that happened very quickly. we don't know when he could head to the airport. we don't know how quickly this will happen, as you mention. we do have a photographer and a camera headed behind the car right now. this is a live picture of brock turner's car. did you see who was in the car?
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>> reporter: i believe it was a gentleman but i couldn't see because there were people obscuring the view. i didn't want to miss brock turner coming out which was in the opposite direction. i had to watch the front door and peek over my shoulder at the car. but there was somebody. the vehicle had been parked down the block and was in that area, i noticed it there 5 minutes prior. then it came out. let's see if we can get a word with the sheriff, laurie smith. that when quickly. >> it did go quickly. now that he is out, is at the end of your connection to this? will there be deputies that will export into the airport? >> that's the end. he should never have been in our jail. he should've been in prison. this is the end of it for us. he has been released from custody. >> reporter: did he take anything with him? >> i don't know. they would've released the
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property that he came with. i don't know what he had. reporter mike did he say anything before he left? -- >> reporter: did he say anything before he left? to no, he was just processed out and walked out the door. i don't suspect there was anything said. department do you know his movement -- >> reporter: do you know his movements at all times? >> we know his movements all- time when he's in the jail but not now. we are done with him now. he should've been imprisoned, never in this jail. i think everything went as planned and everyone did a good job. were >> reporter: are you in contact with the sheriff in ohio where he is headed? >> i don't know that that is where he is headed and no we are not. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> i have not. i appreciate you covering it. i bring -- i think it brings the attention to everybody that we have to change the law. if you rape someone who is
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unconscious and intoxicated, you have to go to state prison. that bill is on the governor's desk and we are urging him to sign it. i think that's a great laufer california. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> outrage, it's a rape conviction, of a woman unconscious and drunk. he should not have spent time in our jail. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> it already is. the bill that is on the governor's desk is to make it mandatory to go to state prison so that no county will have to be faced with this in the future. we are done with him. he's gone. he should be in prison right now. >> reporter: [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> they work with people all day long. we work in a custody environment. they do this all day long. we have 200 people in custody right now for murder. they do it and they do a great job. if they ever need assistance, we certainly are available for them.
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>> reporter: i take it you do not agree with the 3 months that he served. >> correct, i don't agree. he should have been in state prison. it's a felony. it's a rape. six-month where you only do three months is not correct. it's not right. that's why i am hoping that this bill will change that. reporter back thank you. have a good day. -- >> reporter: thank you. have a good day. >> reporter: that was sheriff laurie smith who says we need legislative change. >>did she say anything about when -- we're watching the car -- we don't know if it's heading to the airport -- did she say when you support to report to those when he is supposed to report to ohio? >> she said she doesn't know that he is headed to ohio. we have heard that he is going to ohio and has 48 hours to check in with the probation department in ohio. the sheriff says she does not know that is a fact and has not been in contact with the sheriff of green county ohio.
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>> jesse, i would love to ask the sheriff. is it unusual that he was allowed to walk out unescorted? that's good for us in the media so we get a clear view of him, but someone who has been sentenced to a crime like that and just walks out by himself. >> reporter: we have asked her that before. i can ask her again if you want. she said he had no special treatment. let me see if i can get back in there. i'm kind of boxed in a little bit. we have asked her the same question before and she has consistently said he is not being treated any differently than any other inmate. once you are released and processed through the front door with a deputy is posted which you saw earlier, you walk out the front door. the only thing that might be different or is different in this case is that there is so much attention for brock turner that they are put up these barricades on both sides and had him walking between come down the steps and then out.
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that is the difference. the crusher cameras and protesters etc. out here this morning -- the crush of cameras and protesters etc., out through this morning is the big difference. >> we just want to tell people we're watching this live. that is the car that rock turner is in. we're not sure who is driving him or where they are headed exactly. >> to bring attention to this issue, i think this is a good thing. >> reporter: i will ask this question in a minute. >> i am. i think this went smoothly. i think the media for the level of coverage. >> what was the idea behind making him leave exactly like every other person? >> no special favors. they walk out like everyone else does. there's no backdoor treatment or anything. it is our policy. >> reporter: regardless of the crime, it's the same. >> regardless of the crime;
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most of the time convicted rapists don't spend time in county jail. this is very different. were >> reporter: as you heard, she said this is just like any other inmate in the santa clara county jail. he walked out the front door. there is no change regardless of the crime. >> this is interesting. jesse and gary, always a good job. thank you. we're still watching live coverage. i don't know if you will be able to see it but we are watching the car that is carrying brock turner to where ever he is going. >> we know he is serving his probation, which is i believe three years probation, in ohio, his hometown. we spoke to a reporter for the dayton daily news at 5: 30 this morning -- 5:30 this morning. he has been covering this story in ohio. people are very happy -- unhappy there as well. he will register as a sex offender. he will back into his parents home from what we understand.
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-- parents' home from what we understand. the reporter told us that it's a quiet neighborhood. you would not normally expect this kind of attention that is going to disband -- descend upon their neighborhood. he said the scary thing in ohio was there have been protests out there with armed protesters. they had been very vocal in their disagreement with the sentencing that brock turner gotten not happy about him returning to their area. again, on the right hand side of your screen, that is a live actor. we are following the brock turner car. he is in that car heading, we are not sure where at this point. those at the pictures of him as he was released. he was released very quickly. it happen quickly. >> reporter: and then there are the residual stories around the judge who set off a firestorm after sentencing to -- him to 6 months. there was a firestorm with people trying to recall the
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judge. we just saw him go through a red light. >> i think they are trying to ditch our car. we know he is going to be serving probation in ohio, his home state. we understand that you do have to check in with your probation officer within 48 hours of being released. we assume he is going to be checking in there in ohio. our photographer is following the car we will see if he is headed straight to the airport. we're not sure. they are probably trying to make a very secret exit at this point. >> we will continue to cover what is happening with the brock turner release this morning produce or light back here on "mornings at 2". we will cover it all morning for you. let's now check in with sal and steve. everyone else needs to head out the door and hopefully not have to head by the courthouse. >> we have mostly clear skies,
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a little cool for some, upper 40s were a few locations in a lot of 50s. there's not much in the way of fog. there is a sister moving into the north which is clipping the northern part of the state. there are 50s in novato, santa rosa, 54 fremont, palo alto is 53 as well as half moon bay. you don't have to go far away to see the 61s in concord. it's pretty cool here for many locations. we do get that system to the north and that is going to sweep through which will give us a fall like feel, 40s as well as 50s, 60s, 70s and some 80s. has anything developed in the traffic in the last half- hour? >> we are looking at the traffic on this friday before labor day. the bay bridge toll plaza
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commute is going to be lighter than usual. usually we have a big back up. we don't this morning. the traffic continues to move along pretty well into san francisco. 880 is the same, traffic moving along the east bay pretty much nicely around the whole area. as we look at the maps, there's not a lot showing up. a lot of -- a little bit of slow traffic on the altamont pass and 680 in this area. >> thank you sal. the big story this morning continues where we are talking about brock turner. we will continue to follow that story throughout the morning. the other big story, all eyes were on colin kaepernick during last night's 49ers game against the scent -- the san diego chargers. >> he got down on one knee during the national anthem rather than sitting. we now have more on kaepernick. the other football players are actually showing support for him on this motion he decided to take their >> colin kaepernick -- to take.
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>> colin kaepernick was joined by teammate eric read and they both kneeled during the performance of the star- spangled banner. you can clearly see kaepernick. eric was more difficult to see because he was partially blocked from our view and had street goes on. colin kaepernick said that his message is getting lost with people saying about how he was disrespecting the military. he says he respects the veteran -- the military and veterans but still needs to make a statement. >> i am not anti-american. i love america. i love people. that is why i am doing this. i want to help make america bigger i think having these conversations helps everybody have a better understanding of where everybody is coming from.
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>> he also said he plans on donating $1 million to community organizations this year to help make a change for the better and he says he is considering visiting the academy at the san francisco police department to see the training that officers receive for himself. the also receive some unexpected support from jeremy lane, seattle seahawks player who stayed seated during the national anthem in oakland as night. lane says he did it mostly to show support for kaepernick. he says he will continue to sit for the national anthem until he feels justice is being served. here at home there was a somewhat mixed response to kaepernick and other players refusing to stand. many supported their right to make a statement but some said there is a time and place to make political statements and this is not the place to make it during national anthem during an nfl game. this is certainly going to be an ongoing story. in talking about monday night football, 49ers will be playing
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on september 12. that's a tremendous audience and determine his platform to see if colin kaepernick again decides to take any or sit during the national anthem -- take a knee or sit during the national anthem. >> there's even talk about whether he will still be with the 49ers. >> absolutely. it is now 6:22. we're breaking news this morning, convicted rapist, brock turner just-released from the santa clara main jail. there is the shot. he went out quickly, straight out to the waiting car. we saw the car just moments before that pull-up. he took off just like that. he served just half of his six- month sentence for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman
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on the stanford campus last year. that is why the attention. there are a lot of protesters out there, people unhappy about the sentencing, including sheriff laurie smith. he has to report to the probation department within 48 hours. we understand he intends to serve his probation in his home state of ohio. we are assuming that is where he is going to report. we're following a car live to see where they are headed. >> we will continue to cover the brock turner jail releases marring. you sought live here on "mornings at 2". what an ohio reporter told us this morning about what is waiting for turner when he returns to his home state, in 15 minutes.
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for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. welcome back to "mornings at 2". i want to take you back out live to the santa clara county main jail where you can see deputies standing. it was a very busy, active morning for them. they are now standing there as are the crowds and journalists. we watched brock turner released -- being released from jail just moments ago. he quickly walked out and got right into a car. we are following that car live at this point. we do not know if he is headed to the airport or not. we do know he will be serving his probation for his sexual assault conviction in his home
6:27 am
state of ohio. we had been out at the main jail all morning waiting for the big news. >> alex savidge and jesse gary as well as brian flores are out there. hurricane hermine made landfall in landfall and caused a mess. new video of the flooding in pasco county florida right in the path of that storm. they have storm surges up to twelfie projected and the state could see 10 inches of rain -- 12 feet and the state could see 10 inches of rain in some places. several other states are being affected as well. tens of thousands of people have no electricity in georgia because of that storm. some people in florida evacuated before the storm hit but others decided to stay and righted out -- ride it out. >> we usually have sandbags but there's no way to prepare for
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the storm surge that came in. >> hurricane hermine actually weakened to a tropical storm as it moved inland. it is expected to continue to get weaker as it moves toward the carolinas. another story we're following, the latest trouble for the woman at the center of a sex scandal involving bay area law enforcement. former stanford swimmer brock turner convict did of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman , we will tell you what's coming up next for him.
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welcome back to "mornings
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at 2". you are watching brock turner the moment he was released from the santa clara county jail just a few minutes ago. you sought live right here on "mornings at 2" . he gets into that car and then it's be the way heading, we believe, to an airport. alex savidge is out there and he will have more on this as well as the protests expected later today. thank you for joining us today on friday, september 2 on "mornings at 2". i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. brock turner is now expected to return to his family home in ohio where he will spend the rest -- to the next three years on probation. alex savidge joins us now. tell us what is next for brock turner? >> good morning to you guys. we were expecting protesters here this morning's brock turner was released.
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as it turned out, there were only a handful of protesters. brock turner walked out of the doors at about 60 -- 6:07 and walked into a waiting suv. that was it. that took all of 10 seconds. it was sort of anti-, kick. he didn't say anything as he walked out of the main jail after serving the three-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the stanford campus. his probation has been transferred to ohio, his home state. he will be on probation for the next three years. according to the sheriff in green county which is near dayton ohio. he has said that brock turner will not be treated with kid gloves. he's going to be treated like every other sex offender. he will have to register. neighbors will be alerted with postcards once he moves back into the community outside of dayton where we understand he is headed. we spoke to a local reporter in the dayton area about some of the protesters in the ohio
6:33 am
area. >> in the past we have seen some armed protesters. there was a gentleman a few weeks ago who had an israeli salt lake full -- is really assault rifle. there were some signs that suggested what wine -- what one might do with that as well. i expect there is outrage -- outrage here just as there is in santa clara county. >> reporter: there are very strict terms of his probation, no drinking alcohol. he will be checked on a regular basis by sheriff's deputies in greene county ohio. the judge that handed down that original six-month sentence, judge aaron persky is now facing a recall ever. coming up in a couple of hours this morning near the courthouse
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, there will be a demonstration by the group called ultraviolet. they will be rallying in support of judge aaron persky's removal from the bench. they believe he was far too lenient and went also easy on brock turner. . he only served three months of a six-month sentence. just after six a, this morning he walked into a waiting car which drove off. we do not know exactly where he is right now. presumably, he is headed back to his home state of ohio shortly. >> thank you alex for following that for us. we want to talk about the santa clara county sheriff laurie smith who told reporters that the state should adopt a new law, increasing the sentences for six crimes -- a sex crimes. governor brown is deciding if
6:35 am
he will sign a bill that was passed where there will be mandatory sentences for sexually assaulting an unconscious person. >> i believe it should of been a prison sentence. that is why we are moving so quickly on getting the law change and earning -- urging governor brown to sign the bill that is on his desk right now. >> governor brown has until september 30 to make a decision on appeal. he has not said whether or not he will sign it. critics of the legislation say the decision on whether to but sex offender's -- oaf and are sent prison should be based on the threat that they pose to society. we will continue to cover the brock turner release all morning long both on the air and online. our next 5 reports will be at the top of the hour. it is now 6:35. do we have cooler weather coming up, steve? >> only patchy fog and cooler weather. there's a little bit
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of fog mostly in the south. we will have some 60s, 70s and even some 80s. we will have a decent breeze which will pick up over the weekend. this is about where we should be on the high side, a little bit below but near-normal. a weak system will move in for september. this looks to be pretty impressive for the northern part of the state and a be in the sierra. it will be in 50s and 60s in most locations, all of these areas are in the low 50s, belmont and san carlos as well. the patchy fog will give way to sunshine. that is the system right there which will give us a fall like feel over the weekend, 60s, 70s and 80s, cooler going into tomorrow. we are still friday light. we are checking up the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza approach. that is a big indicator of what we are facing here. right now it is light. you know for yourself if you
6:37 am
look at this and you see this, on any other weekday you will see so traffic. today definitely some people are trying to stretch out this labor day weekend, the last hurrah a summer. so far, so good. the only thing is later on today we are likely to see traffic that is going to be busy trying to leave the bay area. that's one of those things where you have to be prepared for that to happen. moving along and looking at the east bay, for the most part it is a nice drive for all of the east bay freeways. let's go back to dave. a woman at the center of the sex scandal involving several bay area agencies was arrested in florida. the 9 does the 19-year-old who goes by the name of celeste guap entered rehab -- florida. the 19-year-old who goes by the name of celeste guap entered a
6:38 am
rehab facility. she tried to pull down a large safe while they are and also bit a security guard on his arm. that report social -- shows that she also had to be restrained in the backseat of a patrol car because she was beating her head against the window. celeste guap claims to have had six with at least 30 bay area law enforcement officers and some of the encounters happen before she turned 18 years old. the city of oakland held the first of 10 committee meetings to get public input on selecting a new police chief. last night's meeting was focused on young people in oakland. a small group of teenagers and youth activists showed up to talk about their concerns and what they want to see in the next chief. >> he shouldn't have fear. don't take the job just because of the pay. you have to want to really seachange. don't be afraid to come and get your hands -- see change. don't be afraid to come out and get your hands dirty.
6:39 am
>>make it safe so we can walk on. it's hard to walk home without getting robbed or something. >> the next committee meeting will be september 10 at the clements high school. in the meantime in san francisco, 60 people have applied to be the new police chief there. the police commissions of the leaven of those applicants are current or former members of the police department. the application deadline was wednesday. the police commission will examine input from the community meetings held throughout the city as well as an online survey. they will pick the top three candidates and then mayor ed lee will select the next chief from that list. 200 police officers from san francisco now have body cameras. the department started passing them out last month. the officers at the bayview and ingleside stations are the first to be outfitted with a cameras. northern, mission and tenderloin station officers will get cameras next. all officers will be wearing a
6:40 am
body camera by the end of this year. some oakland people are hoping to get a very specific message approach -- across after dumping trash on city hall steps. they say oakland allows illegally dumped trash to stay in the neighborhood for days at a time. they picked up trash in east oakland and brought it all to city hall. they say there aren't enough -- authorities say there aren't enough to handle all the trash. they say police need to step in. >> the system is broken. not enough people are working to deal with all of this trash. usually we are the last ones they come to to pick up. >> i can tell you who's trash it is. the city of oakland does not enforce it as we should. >> councilmember noel guy has said starting next year -- giaz says they're working on catching illegal dumpers in the
6:41 am
act by installing cameras. the fallout from donald trump's speech on illegal immigration coming up next. your morning commute is going to be light for the most part around the bay area. look at the bay bridge. that is looking pretty good coming into san francisco. we will tell you what's going on and when you can expect slow traffic. a little cool this morning under mostly clear skies. some 40s in some areas. a weekend coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings at 2". the breaking news this morning is convicted sexual offender , former stanford swimmer brock turner was released from the santa clara county jail just a little bit ago. he only served three months of a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman . he has to report to the ohio probation department in 48 hours. we're going to have more on his release and reaction from those who are watching coming up at 7:00. turning now to the presidential race, at least three members of donald trump's hispanic advisory council have resigned after they feel they were misled.
6:45 am
many of his latino supporters were hopeful after meeting him last month that he would tone down his rhetoric on deporting otherwise law-abiding undocumented immigrants. now one republican analyst says she expects at least half of donald trump's hispanic advisory council will quit. those who have stepped down include a texas attorney who had earlier written an op-ed article saying why latinos it should vote for donald trump. >> when i saw that he had abandoned his republican principles and adopted populist propaganda, i said, this is it. this man is not doing what he said. he is acting like he doesn't even want to win. >> in his speech in phoenix wednesday night, he said there would be no amnesty for people living in the usa legally and they would have to be the u.s. and apply to return. hillary clinton's vice presidential running mate wasted gnome on blaming donald trump for his rhetoric work tim kaine says blaming immigrants
6:46 am
-- rhetoric. tim kaine says blaming immigrants has a long history. 3 that speech is saying they are bad or criminals -- >> that speech where you say people are bad or criminals because their immigrants. that is not new speech. >> he also said that donald trump choked when he couldn't look mexico's president in the eye when he said they would have to pay for the wall. the president was on the road -- remote pacific island of midway yesterday and he visited the midway war monument built to honor the sacrifices made by serviceman during world war ii. the president also talked about preserving endangered ecosystems around the world and it said the effects of climate change, it's really having an effect on the pacific ocean. >> it's also critically for us to examine the effects of climate change -- [ pause ] --
6:47 am
here in the pacific ocean, the world's largest body of water. as i said yesterday, there are countries that now are at risk and may have to move as a consequence of climate change. >> the president recently expanded this monument four times its current size making it the biggest marine reserve. president obama will head to china for the g 20 summit and try to cement support for the worldwide climate bill signed in paris last year. it is 6:47. we want to check in for more on what is coming up in the next hour of "mornings at 2". we are going to stay on top of the release of brock turner. you saw that live here just after the 6:00 our. we started talking with people who gather there at the jail to watch his release. also if you are getting out of town for this holiday weekend
6:48 am
, you know that the sooner you leave the better traffic should be for you. we are also going to explore while -- white labor day weekend travel tends to be calmer than other big three-day weekends and why it may be business as usual at sfo despite the fact that it is a holiday weekend. one month after -- one month after introducing the samsung galaxy note 7, samsung is recalling millions of phones. this is all because of exploding batteries. two of gene wilder's most popular movies are showing in theaters this weekend as a tribute to the late actor. amc theaters around the country are showing "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" and one of my favorites, "blazing saddles" on saturday and
6:49 am
sunday. amc theaters and san francisco in cupertino are among those showing these classic movies. gene wilder died of complications from alzheimer's and 83 years old earlier this week. it is now 6:49. it's a getaway weekend for a lot of people. let's check in with sow. sometimes -- sal. sometimes we talk about people heading into work early so they can get off early. >> or they didn't show up at all. as we look at the toll plaza, we can start there, it's usually jampacked at this time of day. this is not a normal commute going into san francisco and the silicon valley as well as anywhere in marin. on labor day and memorial day in the big holidays, usually the getaway is what gets you on a friday or even on a thursday. thursday is already gone so we have to worry about this afternoon's commute where expecting heavy commute getting out of the area on 80, 680 and
6:50 am
even 101. if you look at the peninsula, there is some slow traffic on the san mateo bridge. is a low credit heading over to the foster city side. that is because westbound 92 at the high-rise, there were pieces of debris, tires in the lanes. you can see how slow it is on the san mateo bridge print -- bridge. you can see the alternate route would be the dunbar bridge. let's now go to steve. mostly sunny skies in a little bit patchy fog. it's not that much. most of it is to the south. it is going to be a nice day but a little on the cool side this morning with lows in the 40s and 50s. we will end up with 60s, 70s and some 80s right about where we should be at this time of year. a system is moving to the north end it will give us a fall like
6:51 am
feel to the weekend, 49 at the airport. there are many 40s showing up here and a lot of 50s as well. buchanan is at 61, higher than everyone else. gilroy was at 61. a cool 47 in this area, cupertino 52, santa clara 51, otherwise sunshine and nice temperatures. this symptom -- this system will give us a pretty cool breeze as we head into the weekend. 60s and 70s on the coast and they, 80s for the interior. some of the temperatures will cool off cooler and a little warmer on monday. the time is 6:51. that was a nightmare for two numbers to put their five-year- old sons on an airplane alone. up next, the mixup it ended up with her children flying to the wrong city.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
welcome back to "mornings at 2". jared fogle, the disgraced former ajman for subway is now suing one of his victims. he was sentenced to almost 15 years -- 16 years in prison for having sex with minors last year. he says the emotional stress caused by -- of one of the victims was caused by their parents and not him.
6:55 am
he videotaped her undressing. he now claims that the parents used alcohol and drugs in front of the girl. the family sued jared fogle for $150,000 earlier this year related to the crimes. a lot of us receive the under alert -- the amber alert. the missing baby who was the subject of a bay area amber alert was found safely yesterday. william brown was taken by his grandmother in san francisco's bayview district on wednesday night. the baby was with 44-year-old phoebe cains pill when the mother came out of the grocery store they were gone. someone saw the amber alert yesterday and saw the 2 in redwood city and liquor score. the grandmother was taken into custody by san francisco police the baby was checked out and is doing fine. 15 people and the dog were rescued near the golden gate bridge when there fishing boat ran into trouble. sky five flew over the senior kirby cove in the marin headlands. the boat hit rocks and started taking on water. this happened at about 5:00
6:56 am
yesterday evening. rescuers came to the rescue and fortunately the boat was close to shore. the coast guard crew was able to help everybody make it to the beach safely. we are told everybody is okay. jetblue is now investigating how 25-year-old boys traveling alone from the dominican republic were flown to the wrong city's. mirabelle martinez says her song -- cities. mirabelle martinez says her son was to arrive at jfk but when she went to pick him up she was given the wrong boy. it turns out he was a switch with another boy that was scheduled to arrive in boston. as were her son was. seen she finally gets a call from jetblue that the boy is in boston -- >> she finally gets a call from jetblue that her son is in boston and they put him on the phone. she speaks to him. >> jetblue has apologized to both of the families for the mixup. they are reviewing to see what happened and to make sure this doesn't happen again.
6:57 am
coming up, more on the story we have been following for you throughout the morning. former stanford swimmer brock turner was released from jail in san jose just over 45 minutes ago. you saw it live here on "mornings at 2". up next, we'll get another live report from ktvu's justin garrett.
6:58 am
6:59 am
brock turner is now a free man. what's next for the convicted sex offender and what the santa clara county sheriff had to say just moments after he walked out of jail this morning. this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2. this friday september 2nd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, get you moving on this friday morning. steve paulson, you are watching our forecast. you're all set. we're not going to steve paulson right now. >> you watched it live on mornings on 2 a moment ago. we'll get to weather and traffic in second. just about an hour ago, brock turner was released and you saw that live on the air. this is what happened, the former stanford swimmer walked out of the santa clara county jail and walked straight into a
7:00 am
waiting suv. >> brock turner served three months of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. you are out there, bring us up to date. >> reporter: the crowd has dissipated as you can imagine. brock turner is gone. i'm told the suv he left here in has been traveling up the 101 towards the palo alto area and has made a u-turn headed back south toward san jose. we have a crew following those developments. we'll update you as need be. outside the jail, the crowd has dissipated. brock turner came out the doors and walked down the path. the barricades on both sides, down into a waiting suv. if we have the video, we'll take a look at that. it happened quickly at the official time according to the sheriff's office was at 6:07 this morning walked down the steps, and an suv had been waiting down the block. it pulled up, he walked in and got in, and it pulled off. a lot of people out here, mostly media, but


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